OK... Time to put some "Wind in your Sales"...

with just a few simple questions, we can harness the power of the internet for your business...


1) Your Name, email address and phone number:  

We need a way to get in contact with you about your needs for a new or redesigned website.

2)  Do you already have a website?   

What is your budget for a new website? $
What is your budget for monthly website hosting? /Month
How many email addresses do you need in your package?
How much maintenance (updating) do you think you want (updates per month) / month

Any other comments you want to make about your new website?

A website is a better value than printed media because it is on 24x7, it is searchable by potential customers,

3) Give us some key words and phrases you would like to incorporate in your domain name: separate by commas

With some of your words or phrases, we can search for the best domain name to meet your needs. You can also go to various internet Registrars ( we prefer Network Solutions) and use their website name search functions. If you have found one you like, just enter it above. 

Or you can use our Domain Search tool to get some helpful hints for YOUR domain name.

 Picking a domain name is one of most important decisions you make on your website.

4) Do you have a template in mind? 
If you have found a website template from one of partners, note the provider and template name or number:

Template name or Number:

Or is there a website you like that you would like to pattern your new site after?

Remember, you can check out our Links Page to browse for a template from one of our partners.

That is about it...with these basic questions, we can start finding the PERFECT solution for your website.

* Using only numbers, what is 10 plus 15?