OK... Time to put some "Wind in your Sales"...

with just a few simple questions, we can harness the power of the internet for your business...

1) Your Name, email address and phone number:  

We need a way to get in contact with you about your needs for a new or redesigned website.

2)  Do you already have a website?   

If Yes, what is your website address?
How much do you pay for your website package ?   $  
  / month
How many email addresses do use in your current package?
Do you get any maintenance in your current package? If so, how many hours? / month
Do you get any usage reports with your current package?
Do you anticipate "updating" your website to a fresh, new look?
Any other comments you want to make about your current website?

If you have a website, you already have one of the hardest parts done...picking a domain name.

4) Do you have a template in mind? 
If you have found a website template from one of partners, note the provider and template name or number:

Template name or Number:

Remember, you can check out our Links Page to browse for a template from one of our partners.

That is about it...with these basic questions, we can start finding the PERFECT solution for your website.